About Me


“If I had a rugby ball with me on stage here, I’d probably hold it like this.”

I’ve always been entrepreneurial and love building businesses, doing deals and working with great people to carve out a market and beat the competition.

I co-founded and am the CEO of ChannelSight, which helps brands to increase sales by simplifying how customers buy their products. I’m also the co-founder of Eirtight Technology, a software engineering company that works with organisations who want to build new products, enter new markets or streamline their business using software and technology.

As well as founding a number of other businesses in Ireland, the UK, Europe, the US and Asia, I’m really passionate about helping startup businesses to thrive by encouraging clearer focus and attention on commercial viability, validation and sales process development.

The temptation to concentrate on product development in favour of commercial validation sees too many potentially great companies fail before they even get going. I understand technology intimately, but specialise in the commercial aspects of establishing successful high-growth businesses.

I’ve started and worked with a number of companies and developed some cool technology, including a biometrics product that was profiled and featured worldwide on the Discovery Channel. I won an award for All Ireland Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006, and have presented technology segments on national television and radio in Ireland.

I’ve also invested in and mentored businesses in a range of sectors, and spoken at a number of startup events on subjects such as creating growth, failing fast, minimum viable product (MVP) development, bootstrapping, and startup marketing, among other things. I love competitive sailing, long-distance running and great food & wine. Not usually at the same time though.

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